Friday, November 25, 2011

Long Trail Hibernator

Long Trail Hibernator is an unfiltered Scottish Ale under section 9 of the BJCP style guidelines. Introduced in the winter of 1995, this seasonal delicacy packs a robust maltiness that will be sure to keep you occupied on those cold winter nights. Typically available from November - March

Alcohol Content: 6.0%
International Bitterness Units (IBU): 25
Malts: Two-Row, Wheat, Crystal, Chocolate, Caramel & Black Patent
Hops: Nugget and Mt. Hood

Medium: 12oz bottle purchased and poured into a standard pint glass (Nonic glass also acceptable).
Price: $13.00 for a 12-pack Long Trail Sampler

Aroma: Has a particularly sweet malty aroma with some earthy notes and possibly some fruity esters from yeast activity. There is a fresh herbal, slightly spicy aroma that underlies this heavily malt influenced style.
Appearance: Ruby red/ amber in color. This beer created for a thick pour with an off-white or grayish head and particularly great head retention. Cloudy appearance with a particularly strong, visible carbonation.
Flavor: Definitely more malt balanced with a caramelized character. Contains some fruity esters and has a very nice, clean bitterness. The aftertaste embraces a toasted malt profile and subtle spiciness. The bittering qualities become more obvious after several minutes of slowly sipping (maybe because of warming beer temperatures). Some diacetyl.
Mouthfeel: Many sensations form on the roof of the mouth which is most likely attributable to levels of diacetyl in the beer, creating an overall slick impression. Encompasses a creamy thick mouthfeel that goes down surprisingly very smooth while creating a nice warming sensation from start to finish.
Overall Impression: There are some subtle off-flavors that are hard to define; However, this full-bodied beer is  full of wonderfully sweet malt complexities. Great for slowly enjoying after coming in from the last run of the day on the mountain.

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