Sunday, December 4, 2011

Long Trail Double Bag

Long Trail Double Bag is a Strong Ale under section 19 of the BJCP style guidelines; However, according to the brewery, it is a full-bodied beer similar to Altbiers (Long Trail Ale for example - see section 7A). This double alt is also known as "Stickebier", German for "secret brew". A high alcohol beer, Double Bag can be found year round but is not offered as part of their seasonal variety packs.

Alcohol Content: 7.2%
International Bitterness Units (IBU): 25
Malts: Two-Row, Crystal, Chocolate & Wheat
Hops: Northern Brewer and Mt. Hood

Medium: 12oz bottle purchased and poured into a standard pint glass. A tall German-style 'stange' glass is preferred.
Price: $9.00 for a 6-pack

Aroma: This beer reveals for many layers of aromas ranging from a plethora of sweet caramel and toffee notes to hints of honey, bread, or sweet biscuit. Although a very minimal influence, there is an earthy hop aroma underlying the sweet malt profile that dominates.
Appearance: Poured for a very thin head; Regardless, the white-ish thin film creates for nice head retention. The thin film is accompanied by minimal bubbling, suggestive of moderately low carbonation. A nice light copper with a gold hue and great clarity.
Flavor: A very sweet caramel flavor masks the true alcohol-packing qualities. There is also a clear indication of toffee and sweet honey or molasses characteristics that dominate the overall flavor profile. Although present, there is a low bittering profile that creates an illusion of balance - the sweet malt characteristics linger on the pallet along with some drying.
Mouthfeel: A superb crisp, clean finish and moderate carbonation transcends. This moderate to full-bodied beer creates for some "chewiness" and some creaminess.
Overall Impression: The alcohol is well hidden by its sweet caramel and molasses features which creates for an intoxicating beverage that should be one to approach slowly. There are no major flaws; Although, the intensity of its sweet honey/ molasses is conflicting in comparison to competing styles. Definitely a 6-pack to split amongst a few friends on a casual night.


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