Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wolaver's Brown Ale - Organic

Wolaver's Brown Ale is an unfiltered organic Brown Ale that most likely fits with an English-style more than an American-style Brown (section 11 of the BJCP style guidelines).

Alcohol Content: ?
Malts: ?
Hops: Magnum, Fuggles, Goldings

Medium: 12oz bottle poured into a standard pint glass
Price: $17.00 for a 12-pack Wolaver's sampler

Aroma: A subtle earthy hop and moderately fruity character is submerged within a dominant butterscotch/ caramel aroma. Some toasty notes are present as well.
Appearance: Pours for a thin, off-white head that is quick to disappear but leaving a small amount lingering on the surface. Moderately low carbonation is visible. After letting it settle for a few seconds, it presents a cloudy dark amber/ copper, perhaps even perceived as bronze in appearance. Yeast settlement in the bottle.
Flavor: Butterscotch flavors roll over the tongue, immediately followed by a clean bitterness. The caramel aromas play more of an important role in identifying the flavor as I sip and smell at the same time. Hints of vanilla appear about mid-taste followed by a slightly nutty and toasty character. Fairly balanced, perhaps a bit more towards its malt profile.
Mouthfeel: Some degree of drying coincides with butterscotch and toffee slickness in the aftertaste. Perhaps a slight amount of diacetyl dictates the butterscotch but this is unlikely. Moderately low carbonation with a medium body - relatively lower carbonation is characteristic of English brown ales and I found this to work well with this american version.
Overall Impression: The prevailing butterscotch and toffee characteristics make it tough to compare to others of the same style. However, Wolaver's has some of the most drinkable (or should I say "approachable") beers. This one is full of flavor and not too heavy, making it easy to session. I think this is one of Mike Gerhart's (brewmaster) favored beers they brew.


  1. nice pics! I'd like to hear more feedback of when/where are good places to drink the beers... what occasions would be appropriate (things that general population would be interested in) .. and such- but I think you're a pretty great beer reviewer

  2. Thanks for the feedback!

    Its still in the early stages of development. I will definitely take that into consideration. So far I have been buying them from grocery stores, City Market in downtown burlington, etc. Most unique beers are more easily accessible in bottles.

    Maybe in the introduction or the overall impression I can offer locations, appropriate occasions, etc.

    Thanks again,

    - Marc