Thursday, January 5, 2012

UFO White

Crafted by Harpoon, UFO White is an American White Ale consisting of a unique blend of special adjuncts such as orange peel and various spices. Brewed since 2009, this "unfiltered offering" can be found all year round - although it's certainly meant for that nice sunny day.

Alcohol Content: 4.8%
International Bitterness Units (IBU): 10
Malts: 2-Row Pale, Wheat, Carapils
Hops: Apollo
Adjuncts: Coriander, Orange Peels

Medium: 12oz bottle poured into a pint glass (a Weizen glass is preferred).
Price: $13.50 for a 12-pack Harpoon sampler

Aroma: Strong notes of coriander and orange citrus dominate the nose, followed by a subtle spicy and floral hop aroma (very low hop profile). The refreshing citrusy qualities are rather crisp and leave for a thin nose. There is only a minimal amount of yeast character in the aroma - overall it is very clean.
Appearance: Pours for a moderately hazy, golden yellow/ straw color. (not as hazy as German Wheat/ Weizen beers). A creamy, thick-white head quickly fills the glass and dissipates slowly down to an appropriate size with great retention. The slightly hazy appearance makes it difficult to tell but it seems lightly carbonated - perhaps strong carbonation as seen in the large head pour.
Flavor: A thirst-quenching, orangey, sweet, grainy wheat character describes it best. Initially sweet/ somewhat tart malt characteristics sweep over, followed by a refreshing citrusy mid-taste. The finish is somewhat herbal with a subtle spicy hop character; Nonetheless, it's overall crisp and refreshing quality from the malts and citrusy orange notes dominate throughout. Fairly balanced.
Mouthfeel: A very light body and crisp finish that makes for a drinkable beer. Its thin, somewhat watery quality is backed by enough thirst-quenching flavors to make you want to keep drinking. Moderately high carbonation.
Overall Impression: Leaves you thirsty for more! A great beer for the golf course, or for serving to that special girl of yours who says she doesn't like the taste of beer. Easy drinking, makes for a great sessionable beer and is fairly sweet. Pairs nicely with a light meal or a sunny day.

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