Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Long Trail Blackbeary Wheat

Long Trail's popular American Wheat beer offers a unique and refreshing experience for the summer and is served year-round for those looking for a lighter "recovery" beer in between the more hearty beverages. The addition of fresh fruits gives it a light sweetness that won't wear down your palate.

Alcohol Content: 4%
IBU: 8
Malts: Two-row Pilsen & wheat
Hops: Nugget

Price: $2.50 early bird "local beer" special/ $4.50 @ Nectar's
Medium: Pint glass (for best results a Bavarian Weizen glass is preferred)

Aroma: A very light, sweet & moderately dry fruitiness reminiscent of blackberries and pears. The fruity cider-like character overwhelms any hop aroma - no distinct malt character as well. Everything else feels very clean and pleasant.
Appearance: Pale/ golden, crystal clear (filtered) unlike its Bavarian cousin. Poured for a small white head, clinging only around the rim's surface. No distinct retention otherwise, but this was the nature of the pour. Large bubbles travel sporadically slow and steady up the glass giving it a nice presentation.
Flavor: Initially, a lightly sweet malt character with an underlying breadyness is combined with a cidery/ fruity pear and blackberry. Definitely some wheat character pairing up with the fruitiness. Bitterness is very light and only factors into balancing.  The blackberry plays an increasing role especially, into a crisp finish. Aftertaste is still represented by some residual sweetness from the blackberry. Somewhat tart.
Mouthfeel: Moderately high carbonation combines with a thin body that is smooth and crisp. The overall experience is pleasant and very light on the palate. No signs of alcohol or distinctive yeast character. No other off-flavors were observed. Slightly acidic or "cidery" presence.
Overall Impression: Perhaps a little too light for my liking but it does serve a purpose, especially for a recovery beer or hot sunny day. A nice pairing for this would be a light appetizer such as other fruits or salads, perhaps one containing a lemon dressing. 

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