Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lawson's Finest Knockout Blonde

I was unable to obtain any information about this knockout on the brewer's website but its stylistically a blonde ale, or light hybrid beer. I sampled it at the outdoor beer garden at The Farmhouse. I also got a chance to check out their small hop garden on the side, which looks to be coming along beautifully.

Alcohol Content: 5%
IBU: ?
Malts: ?
Hops: ?

Price: $4/ Half; $7.50/ Full (12oz)
Medium: On draught served in a large tulip glass

Aroma: Moderately light malty aroma with a more forward hop presence than I expected. According to the style description, hop varieties are often left to interpretation by the brewer and can demonstrate almost any hop variety. This beer reflects a fruity, tangerine-like hop aroma. Some apparent dried fruity esters but generally clean and no diacetyl.
Appearance: Deep golden with a steady, strong carbonation and generally clear but not brilliant like a lager. The direct sunlight and tulip glass presents the beer quite beautifully. Poured with a moderately large head, of which is long lasting and leaves a brilliant lace. Carbonation follows the rounded edges of the tulip glass.
Flavor: Mildly sweet malty start reminding me of warm bread or light toast. No burnt or other harsh malt flavors. I do not detect any strong wheat character, although this is hard for most people and does not necessarily have to be in this style of beer. No caramel or other strong maltyness. Some light spice and honey sweetness in the background. The initial sip is so light on the palate that I could barely feel the beer until it transcends into a clean bitterness. The middle is matched with mild hop flavors. The finish and aftertaste is slightly resinous, but with no strong hop flavors or fruitiness.
Mouthfeel: A light body combines with moderately high carbonation and delivers a refreshing summer experience. Bitterness in the finish leaves a moderately dry aftertaste, of which can
Overall Impression: This example favors bitterness more than the malt character, which is generally not typical of the style. Very palatable but the hoppy bitterness is perhaps too strong for the style. I still suggest drinking it out in the sun due to its nice presentation and light body. Bitterness in the beer will only intensify spicy foods and will mask the beers very light quality; therefore, stick to something light.

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