Saturday, May 12, 2012

Michelada - Otter Creek Spring Bock, Tequila, Lime, & Hot Sauce (Mixed Drink)

Michelada, or the Beery Bloody Mary, was the strongest mixed drink I sampled last friday at the Otter Creek/ Wolaver's tasting event at Red Square. The bartender served this one on the hotter side, which didn't aid to the overall pleasantness. By far the strongest mixed drink I sampled out of the four. However, I finished the night with the Black Velvet, an oatmeal stout & sparkling wine combo that cleansed the palate well.

Price: $7.00/ Full; $3.50/ Half
Medium: I went with the half, served in a clear plastic party cup

To recreate this beverage on your own, fill glass with 3/4 Bock beer with approximately a quarter to half shot of tequila, a squeeze or pinch of lime juice, and hot sauce to taste. Serve over ice.

Aroma: Lime and warm alcohol hits the nose with lots of harshness (or pleasantness if you prefer these cocktails). The addition of hot sauce was very noticeably warm. Its presented much more of a tequila or mixed bar drink than a beer as no malts or hops can even be detected. Lime garnish didn't add much but squeezing it into the drink adds a lighter, pleasant character than the alcohol itself.
Appearance: No head, probably being cleared up by the alcohol, lime, and hot sauce additions. Definitely bloody-mary like in color and clarity (or haziness). Salt lines the rim for each encountering sip. A frothy white lace surrounds the glass, giving it a very chilled appearance (and served on ice). Two straws, although I don't recommend drinking from a straw.
Flavor/ Mouthfeel: Strong alcohol bite dominated by the tequila more than the Spring Bock. Actually, the beer was almost completely masked and became harder to pick out as the session progressed. The bartender must have over poured the hot sauce because this was a long lasting impression on the back and roof of the mouth. Lingering sweetness and hotness from the alcohol also. Almost no carbonation or head per the intention of a mixed drink.
Overall Impression: To sum it up, this cocktail finds a way to combine saltiness from the salted rim, sweetness from the beer and tequila, sourness from the lime, and spiciness from the hot sauce. It really hits all parts of the mouth for a satiating experience. I would have liked to see the tequila harshness dialed down and more beer expression. The hot sauce interfered too much as well. I'm glad I saved an oatmeal stout and sparkling wine combo for last because it will surely rid the palate of these impressions.

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