Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Spring Shandy" - Otter Creek Spring Bock, St. Germain, & Lemonade (Mixed Drink)

The second of four mixed beer cocktails sampled last friday at the Otter Creek/ Wolaver's pouring event at Red Square. This one was a little bit more of a step up in alcohol content from the Beerini (Wolaver's Wildfire Wheat, Peaches, Raspberries) yet maintained the spirit of spring. Otter Creek Spring Bock is 6.2% ABV while the St. Germain adds more complexity and alcohol content to this concoction.

Price: $3.50/ Half; %7.00/ Full
Medium: This time I went with the half which was served in a clear plastic party cup

To recreate this on your own, mix any Bock style of beer with approximately a half shot of St. Germain (40 proof) and freshly squeezed lemonade to taste.

Aroma: Strong presence of lemons with an overly citric, tart/ sour character. The St. Germain and underlying style of beer (Bock) adds a warm, grainy, and fruity character. A mint leaf garnish adds very little to the aroma depending on how close your nose is to it. Malt and hops are almost impossible to detect.
Appearance: Almost no head after adding the St. Germain and lemonade. The higher alcohol most likely destroys the head first while lemonade adds nothing. Although the base beer is fairly clear, the lemonade creates a cloudy and thick appearance. A thin white lacing is maintained around the rim of the glass and stays wet from the alcohol content. Color is of deep golden to tangerine-like. Garnished with a mint leaf.
Flavor: Some malt sweetness is dominated by the sweet and sour contributions from lemons/ lemonade. The mint leaf adds very little and is presented almost as a hop character. Bitterness moderately supports the overall experience since the adjuncts are more present than anything else. St. Germain was the most present out of all, with a touch of fruitiness from elderberry but mostly in the alcohol warmth.
Mouthfeel: Slight alcohol warmth starts and finishes while mostly gaining momentum and having the most profound effect in the aftertaste. This one was more flat than the Bock by itself, which adds to the overall presentation of a mixed cocktail. Some cloying to the sweetness and alcohol, esepecially in the aftertaste. The texture or body is leaning towards a fuller experience and coats the mouth leaving a sour puckering effect. Dryness adds to the puckering. Alcohol and sourness lingers even after taking a few sips of water to try and cleanse the palate.
Overall Impression: A pretty straight forward mixed drink that will alert you into expecting something a bit stronger while providing enough sweetness and sourness from the lemonade to keep it refreshing. Not as pleasant as the previous Beerini I sampled (see Wolaver's; Beerini). This was more of a sweet/ strong mixed bar shot you may have ordered without knowing what's in it.

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