Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hill Farmstead Mimosa

My second selection and wine glass full of Hill Farmstead beer during the Brewery's anniversary celebration - The Mimosa is a wild Saison brewed with citrus and aged in wine barrels, so its not much a Mimosa at all. I assumed the wine barrels to be previously used for white wine due to the color and flavors from the finished beer. I was already feeling the booze after only two drinks so I decided to call it quits for the day.

Alcohol Content: 10%
IBU: ?
Malts: ?
Hops: ?

Price: $5
Medium: Hill Farmstead Wine Glass

Aroma: Vinous from both the high alcohol content and partaking aromas picked up from the barrel aging. Alcohol aroma is slightly spicy, or warm to the nose. Very sour along with some fruity esters from fermentation. This intense, tart fruitiness or saison-like character aids in masking some of the alcohol. Other aromas are very delicate and suggest a light body. Hops are hard to distinguish from citrus used in the brewing process.
Appearance: Clear but not brilliant. Carbonation appears strong as shown by its effervescent bubbling, champagne-like in nature. Bubbles also stay suspended in the beer for a couple seconds when lightly agitated. Very minimal head retention except for a thin layer forming with agitation. Thin lacing. All of these characteristics could be due to a dirty glass, which was merely rinsed with water to remove the flavors and aromas from the previous beer. Color is orange to golden and lighter than a pale ale.
Flavor: The beer opens up super light with a sour or lactic acid quality and some backing sweet malts. It remains mostly tart and fruity from start to finish - sour notes dominate. A vinous flavor develops about mid palate and increases in intensity with subsequent sips, taking on a similar white wine alcohol flavor. About half way through my attention turned to a light orange-like citrus. I did perceive some bitterness but this is overwhelmed by the sour character. Finish is citric and winy (or “boozy”).
Mouthfeel: Super light bodied while maintaining lots of character and delicate flavors. Moderately high carbonation (and I assume a low finishing gravity) aids in this refreshing and lightly bodied ale. Carbonation is somewhat lost during the session. Minimal drying in the aftertaste. Alcohol slowly fades out while the persistent sourness coats the mouth and prevails in the end.
Overall Impression: I was impressed with its delicate body but intricate flavors and high alcohol content. Its white wine character makes it an awesome beer for the wine enthusiast. It would be great with a lemon-marinated chicken. The rotating specialty beer tent at the brewery anniversary is definitely going to be on my list for next year. I highly suggest waiting in line as beers rotated every half hour – it took that long just to get the Mimosa.

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