Monday, September 2, 2013

Trapp Winter Lager - Seasonal Trosten Bier

I'm not even going to try and give an overall description of this beer so this is what the Brewery says: "'Trosten Bier' translates to 'comfort beer', a black lager with notes of roast and smoke. Rich flavors up front that finishes smooth and clean."

Alcohol Content: 5.4%
IBU: ?
Malts: ?
Hops: ?

Price: $7/ Flight of four
Medium: 4oz samplers/ small juice glass

Aroma: Heavily influenced by a smokey malt character with hints of sulfur in the background. Maltiness is also quite roasted but not like a stout. Smoked malts help in covering up some of the roasted grain. I detected no hop aroma.
Appearance: When held up in good lighting, the beer shows off a clear, dark brown color with ruby tints. The bartender decanted the head, leaving no room to see any signs of retention for an otherwise brown head. Carbonation appears to be high, like the rest of the beers on flight.
Flavor: Smooth malty sweetness and smokey character most profound. The smoke flavors becomes stronger into the finish and aftertaste. No apparent or strong alcohol flavors. Smooth, well rounded, and overall clean. Its rich creamy texture is not too sweet/ cloying. Although huge flavors develop, it is still well attenuated and lager-like in nature. No fruity esters. No Diacetyl. Hop flavors remain in the background with a light bitterness. Rich, deep melanoidin sweetness lingers in the aftertaste.
Mouthfeel: Highly carbonated to help balance or round off the malts. Moderately full-bodied and characterful. No astringency or other profound off flavors. Not too fulfilling - overall pleasant and drinkable.
Overall Impression: I tend to stay away from smoked beers because I simply don't like them. That's not to say I didn't appreciate it for what it is. You have to view it in the eyes of someone else who may find this to be comforting to them. Rich roasted foods and smoked meats or smoked almonds are all great ideas for food pairings. You can start with just about and food that is prepared by smoking and it will hold up against a beer of this nature. 

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  1. I tend to stay away from dark beers. However, Von Trapps' Pilsner, Helles and Vienna brews won my attention and had to try this. I'm really over the IPA run with other breweries and finally someone got it right. Being Austrian, I can really appreciate the beer coming out of this brewery. Trosten does not feel "heavy" or leaves your tongue feeling thick. Drinks easy, fine carbonation, sweet and slight smoke is what I would describe it. Doesn't choke down like a glass of dirt.