Sunday, September 8, 2013

Woodchuck Amber Hard Cider

Woodchuck has several variations of hard (draft) cider available including seasonal brews as well, Amber being the original. Kristine and I were at the Sugarbush Brewer's Festival last weekend and we found ourselves hovering around the Woodchuck table as we hit recovery mode towards the end of the day. When we got back to Burlington that night a six pack of Amber landed in our hands. We simply couldn't handle another beer after the long day.

Alcohol Content: 5%
Price: $8/ 6-pack?
Medium: Pint Glass

Aroma: Sweet apple goodness! The nose picks up on deep, long lasting fruity sweetness and distinct apple tartness. Carbonation finds its way scrubbing the nose with deeper inhalations. Alcohol is well hidden. Clean and refreshing
Appearance: I poured it straight down the middle knowing that there would need to be agitation to see any foam develop. I wasn't surprised to see a fizzy white head build up and release lots of carbon dioxide as if pouring a sprite. This settled out quickly. Color is of light golden amber with brilliant clarity. Effervescent bubbling continues for a couple of minutes and clings to the (dirty) glass that I used. Sounds and looks similar to a deeper colored champaign. 
Flavor: Its initially light sweetness turns into a full-on force of sweet and tart apple flavors. Its tart qualities become even stronger in the finish and aftertaste, where you would typically find bitterness in beer. I also perceived some ginger ale soda-like qualities. I found it to be sweeter than the Woodchuck Pear. May also be perceived as a low alcohol white wine sweetness (alcohol provides further sweetness). Acidic finish and moderately dry aftertaste.
Mouthfeel: Tannins coat the mouth leaving a puckering feeling. I thought of it as a power struggle between sweetness and sourness, both of them strong and neither one of them fully winning over the other. Carbonation falls out of the drink. Moderately thin to medium bodied. Not much viscosity/ easy to drink.
Overall Impression: Woodchuck cider has always been an approachable beer of choice for many. I will note that it should be served colder than you would normally serve other beer styles. This washes down the sweet/ tart apple flavors and tannins more easily and leaves a more refreshing finish and aftertaste. Served its purpose well as a recover drink on our beautiful day at the Sugarbush Brewer's Festival.


  1. You've been busy, sir. Keep it up. How's everything going?

  2. Things are going great. If i'm not attending to the tasting sessions I'm usually doing something revolved around the learning process. Took a little week off to visit Colorado though. I must say Biking around to all the breweries and brewpubs in Fort Collins was incredible. Or hitting up Breckenridge Brewery on a rainy day - delightful. Although I haven't been brewing lately since I moved last month, I am in the process of leaving my current job and teaming up with a brewery. I'm also attending weekly study group sessions for the BJCP exam (January). I'll be home in August and I plan to pay you a visit. Hope things are going well with you as well and the new brewer position!