Wednesday, September 25, 2013

VT Pub & Brewery Grandslam Baseball

The Grandslam Baseball beer is a light-bodied American pale ale dry-hopped with Fuggles. Although its a light ale great for summer, I found the brewpub's description to be a little misleading for an American ale; Its a bit more characteristic of an English pale ale. Read on...

Alcohol Content: ?
IBU: ?
Malts: ?
Hops: Perle, Fuggle (Dry-hopped)

Price: $4/ Pint
Medium: American Shaker pint glass

Aroma: Moderately light hop character slightly noble or spicy in nature. Hops pairs up well with light fruity esters from fermentation - perhaps not as clean as an American pale ale should be. I also sense light citric notes. Underlying malt sweetness gives a pleasant caramel note with some deeper malt sweetness shining through, much more like an English pale ale. No diacetyl.
Appearance: Frothy white head poured about 1 inch thick with seemingly everlasting retention. Pale golden or very light copper in color. Low carbonation with the exception of what resides in the creamy head. Cool to the touch but not cold. Good clarity. Great lacing.
Flavor: Citric sweetness with a light caramel note at first but I found the malt character lends more bready flavors. Possibly a bit of wheat malt provides some flavors but this is hard to distinguish or pick out. The smooth malty sweetness (bread crust) plays into a pleasant bitterness that is delicate with some earthy notes. Aftertaste remains a tight balance of bitterness and residual sweetness. Changes were very minimal from the start of the session to finish, or in other words the progression was fairly neutral and did not wear down the palate.
Mouthfeel: Creamy, smooth, and pleasant. Moderately light-bodied with enough flavor. No heat from alcohol nor astringency from grains. Bitterness was far from harsh. Low carbonation and nitrogen adds to the creaminess.
Overall Impression: Quite refreshing but not quite an American. The mouthfeel may lead to some misperception regarding the style. May do better as an English bitter with minor adjustments. Fish & chips would add a nice bready meal with citric notes from lemons to play well with this beer. Fermentation could be cleaner.

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