Monday, October 28, 2013

Norwich Inn 90 Shilling

I went to Colorado for a week with Kristine and was able to catch the craft beer scene there (Kristine was very supportive of my interest during our vacation - thanks love). Anyway, I came back with such an appreciation for Odell's 90 Shilling and haven't had a beer to compare the style. Therefore, my impression of the Norwich Inn's 90 Shilling is little lackluster in matching up against Odell's, but its still a good choice from the brewery. This was the last beer in the flight and bar far the heaviest or fullest bodied and flavored.

They have a variety of sized glasses and prices ranging from $3/ half up to $6 for any premium beverage. Small samples are available for individual purchase or a flight of 5.

Aroma: Malts are the showcase here, with complex notes of caramel, dried fruit, melanoidins, and a hint of chocolate. Hops and alcohol are very restrained. Has that "house" character I would describe as being somewhat earthy - potentially the way the yeast and hops interact.
Appearance: Bubbles cling to nucleation sites on the inside of the glass, which is an indication of a dirty or dusty glass. An off-white head develops quickly in the small sample glass and is decanted off before serving. The beer shows a modest amount of turbidity with a dark brown and garnet color.
Flavor: Malty start, very similar to the aromas with even more sweetness. The yeast lends a fruity "house" characteristic that plays well with the array of malts. Bitterness is quite smooth but does not hold up well against the malt sweetness. I believe I sense a touch of hop flavors but this is debatable. Malts can also be described as lending notes of winter fruits. I find pomegranate-like flavors from the yeast.
Mouthfeel: Fullest body with moderate carbonation. Lots of creaminess, especially as the beer warms. I'm not sure if this is because the carbonation starts to fall out of solution or another means. This example dries out in the aftertaste. I mentioned in another Norwich Inn post I was a little hungover and my palate was taking a lot of wear that day. Although flavors are still quite detectable, there was a big difference in mouthfeel as my palate felt very dry.
Overall Impression: The style is supposed to be very drinkable, or as I like to say approachable. Drinkability is too much of a Bud light marketing scheme. This beer is very full bodied and full flavored, the exact opposite of Bud light, yet at the same time very approachable. However, the Norwich Inn's version doesn't quite live up to Odell's 90 Shilling, which I must say is at the top of my list.

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