Thursday, February 9, 2012

VT Pub & Brewery - Bombay Grab IPA

An original recipe designed by Greg Noonan, The Bombay Grab IPA is reminiscent of an English IPA with an American hop influence. I believe this one is dry-hopped - if not it still has a nice Cascade presence in the aroma.

Alcohol Content: 5.7%
IBU: 77
Malts: ?
Hops: Magnum, Simcoe, Cascade

Price: $4.00 for a pint
Medium: Served in a regular pint glass

Aroma: I was surprised to get a waning hop presence for an IPA: Mostly Cascade citrus notes with a bit of a lingering floral and grassy character. The malts are caramel/ toffee-like and reminds me more an English IPA. Still slightly favored towards the hops.
Appearance: Poured for a thin white head with pretty decent retention. Color is of brilliant golden amber similar to caramel - great clarity for an unfiltered. No visible carbonation except for some bubbles on the surface of the head.
Flavor: A good presence of toffee/ molasses characteristics with some caramel sweetness point to an English IPA. The bitterness is rather clean at first, hitting about mid-pallet. Towards the finish it becomes much more floral and somewhat grassy. Bitterness in the aftertaste leaves a resiny coat of dryness and is slightly astringent, possibly from dry-hopping rates. Some fruity tart sensations in both the aroma and flavor. Balance is a little more favored towards the hops.
Mouthfeel: Moderate body with some spicy warming effects. Carbonation is much more apparent here - more so than other beers served at the Pub. Some creamy characteristics with a dextrinous body like a combination of toffee and molasses. Slight artificial butter flavor.
Overall Impression: I'm really not all that impressed with the balance; Nonetheless, I do like the English influence on the beer's body/ malt backbone. If you're looking for a well hopped Simcoe presence then check out the American Flatbread's TLA IPA. This one is comparatively cleaner but nothing special for the hop-heads. However, Its probably more appealing to a broader market of beer drinkers.

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