Saturday, February 11, 2012

Magic Hat Ravell

Magic Hat Ravell is a Vanilla Porter fermented with English Ale yeast. This newly crafted brew is available October 15- January 15, although I had this one draught just two days ago. Kegs should be getting kicked soon. A decent experience but if you want to get your hands on an even better one then I suggest the Breckenridge Brewery Vanilla Porter (can be purchased in $4 bottles at Ake's place).

Alcohol Content: 5.8%
IBU: 28
Malts: 2-Row Pale, Crystal, Chocolate
Hops: Apollo
Adjuncts: Whole Vanilla Beans

Price: $3.00 for a pint at Ake's Place
Medium: Served in a regular pint glass

Aroma: Overall roasted character with a large vanilla influence. Hop aroma is almost nonexistent - although the beer was served way too cold. A potent bittersweet chocolate profile with a bit of a smokiness probably hides the hops as well.
Appearance: Dominantly black, approaching opaque with some dark ruby tints around the top edges. Server poured it for an overly large tan head that held its own for a long time. Was very thick and frothy. Carbonation impossible to see.
Flavor: Roasted from start to finish with a minimal degree of smokiness. Bittersweet chocolate notes upfront with vanilla playing a major role as well, giving it a sort of s'mores taste. Bitterness is certainly apparent but theres no real contributing flavors from the hops, maybe the slightest of citrus. Somewhat burnt finish leaves an interesting aftertaste - slight astringency/ harshness from roasted grain.
Mouthfeel: Very thick/ dextrinous body with a bit of a creaminess. It was definitely better than the bottled version I had earlier. Served too cold making the experience seem more smooth at the beginning with more defined flavors and aromas towards the middle/end.
Overall Impression: Not too impressed with this one because of its rich, creamy texture and heavy body. The malt profile was sweet and dense - quite similar to my own attempt at a vanilla porter, which came out with a low attenuation.

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  1. I enjoyed your porter more.. Although they were quite similar- you're gonna give magic hat a run for their money someday